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Nezuko's Rat's Nest

Disorderly and full of shiny things!

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I'm a writer and artist by calling, and a graphic and industrial designer by trade. I have a BA in Theatre, but when I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian, a paleontologist and a painter.

I have seven pet rats. My hair is bright blue. I'm disorganized and hate cleaning. When I'm not writing, rp-ing or hanging with friends, I read, study Japanese, make jewelry sometime, and I collect rocks and minerals.

Most of all I write.

My Fanfic: On fanfiction.net, for want of a better place

My RPGs:
Fallen Leaves
—Konohagakure ANBU, five years after Kyuubi
Killing Time
—A tropical island at the end of the world where all fandoms collide

And the ones that were glorious but are no more:
Scarlet Spiral
—Konohagakure ANBU, four years after Kyuubi
Shades of War
—Konohagakure at the founding, in the Second Great Ninja War
—What if Sunagakure had won when they attacked Konoha?

Scarlet Spiral

Konoha ANBU four years after Kyuubi's attack.</center>—>